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  • I highly recommend. North Carrollton Vet Hospital. I was concerned for my new puppy and I really just wanted her to get a check up to make sure she was healthy. I called 4 vets before I called this one, each place said they were booked and that I would have to wait a few days to get in. When I called North Carrollton vet, first off the receptionist was very nice and helpful and I could tell they were booked too, but she took the time to ask a vet if they could see us and they made room to take us in. That in itself showed me I will continue to come to this vet. Most vet receptionists are not that accommodating, and some are just down right rude. I’m not usually a last minute person so I was appreciative of this, and I understand during these times vets have been so busy, but some vet clinics are just so rude and un helpful so I am glad that I have found a good vet clinic with genuinely good people. My last vet was by default because it is literally next door to me and while they were not terrible, they definitely were not great and you could tell they do not care that much to go out of their way for a client and the front desk was just rude and they never knew what was going on or were confused with whatever information on files so they just seemed unorganized which always made things take longer. My dad took my puppy to this vet and he liked him , he was informative and helpful and turns out my puppy is healthy, so yay to that. The bill was not high and he came home pretty quick, which was a surprise to me because whenever I used to take my dogs to my old vet they would have you waiting forever and it would take me half a day. All in all , I give this place an A + ++ , I’ve had experiences with many vets and thought I wouldn’t find a good vet again because I had a good one in Fort Worth and was hoping to find a good one here, was losing hope, but finally my prayer has been answered. Thank you North Carrollton vet hospital for being awesome and just good people.
    Cynthia P
  • Very professional and attentive staff Dr.Cox super amazing and cool and very informative I’m glad I chose them for Sky’s services
  • 4.8 Google Rating